How to insert legend in excel

how to insert legend in excel

, the legend is the item off to the left, right, top or bottom that explains the data in the chart. Show a chart legend, select a chart and then select the plus sign. Select Legend and select the arrow next. Choose where you want the legend to appear in your chart. Select Secondary Axis for the data series you want to show. Select the drop-down arrow and choose Line. You can also edit the text in the legend and change the order of the entries in the legend. Show or hide a chart legend or data table - Office Support Add and format a chart legend - Office Support Excel tutorial: How to add a title and legend to a chart How to Add a Legend to an Excel Chart - Excel Excel charts: add title, surprise anniversary party invitation wording customize chart axis, legend and This step applies to, word 2016 for Mac only: On the View menu, click. Click the chart, and then click the Chart Design tab. How to add a title and legend to a chart. Once you have the title on the chart, select the title text, and type in an appropriate title.
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  • You can can also adjust the location if you like. Just select the title, and hover your mouse over the edge of text box until you see the 4-headed arrow. Then, just click and drag. The options for adding and displaying a legend to the chart will be displayed.
  • Choose Show Legend at Right, Show Legend at Top, Show Legend at Left or Show Legend at Bottom to place the legend in the specified location while shrinking the chart to make room for the legend. Moving, formatting or hiding the chart legend. When you create a chart in Excel, the default legend appears at the bottom of the chart in Excel 2013 and Excel 2016, and to the right of the chart in Excel 2010 and earlier versions.
  • If you've had a chance to read our previous tutorial on how to create a graph in Excel, you already know that you can access the main chart features in three ways: Select the chart and go to the. Additionally, you can click the arrow next to Chart Title and chose one of the following options: Above Chart - the default option that displays the title at top of the chart area and changes the graph's size. This section demonstrates how to insert the chart title in different Excel versions so that you know where the main chart features reside. For some graph types, such as combo charts, a secondary axis can be displayed: When creating 3-D charts in Excel, you can make the depth axis to appear: You can also make different adjustments to the way that different. You can remove the title and legend at any time, either by selecting None from the menu, or by simply selecting and deleting.
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  • To quickly change the style of the existing graph in Excel, click the Chart Styles button on the right of the chart and scroll down to see the other style offerings. For this, click the arrow next to Data Labels, and choose the option you want. To do this, click the Chart Filters button on the right of the graph, uncheck the data series and/or categories you want to hide, and click Apply. In other words, Microsoft Excel plots the selected rows and columns as it considers the best. For example, this is how you can change the title of your Excel graph using the ribbon: In the same way, you can change the formatting of other chart elements such as axis titles, axis labels and chart legend.

how to insert legend in excel

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how to insert legend in excel 413
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November 1946 calendar You can also select two or more cells,.g. Just click to select, www telugu calender hover until you see the 4-headed arrow, and drag. The Font dialog window will pop up where you can choose different formatting options.
Online mortgage calculator canada A chart can be how to insert legend in excel missing a legend if it has been manually removed from the chart, but you can retrieve the missing legend. Chart Tools tabs design and, format ) on the Excel ribbon. Move the title within the chart If you want to move the title to a different place within the graph, select it and drag using the mouse: Remove the chart title If you don't want any title. A couple of column headings, and the content of all selected cells will appear in the chart title.
  1. Centered Overlay - overlays the centered title on the chart without resizing the graph. To choose the color for each data series individually, select the data series on the chart, go to the Format tab Shape Styles group, and click the Shape Fill button: How to swap X and. The Edit Series button appears as soon as you hover the mouse on a certain data series.
  2. This is how you change the text fill, text outline, text effect, and text box. However, you can alter the number of categories to display between tick marks, the order of categories, and the point where the two axes cross: Change the format of axis values If you want the numbers of the value axis. Controls for the chart title, and other "label-type" elements are in the label group. To rectify this, reverse the plotting order of categories in a chart as shown below.
  3. To hide the legend, click the Chart Elements button in the upper-right corner of the chart and uncheck the Legend box. I have tried to resize the legend in an attempt to insert the text box above the first legend entry, however Excel distributes the entries evenly, rendering this useless. Steve Bernard Liengme wrote: Add a text box: click on chart, drag text box from Drawing tool on to chart; add text to box; drag box to required position Copy box to next chart. In Excel, legend keys are linked to the data in the plot area, so changing the color of a legend key will also change the color of the data in the plot area.
  4. Linking axis titles to a certain cell on the sheet. You can can also adjust the location if you like. How to add title to Excel chart.
how to insert legend in excel


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