Zip track letters

zip track letters

inch of sign letter height, a customer can read the sales strategy outline sign message from 10 feet away. There are other factors that affect sign letter viewing distance such as the color, contrast, font style and speed of passing motorist. Lengths: 6 ft, 8 ft 3 Profiles: TOP, mutual, bottom, this item ships as an "over-sized" pkg due to its dimensions. For example, a 6 inch marquee sign letter can be read from 60 feet away. The thin portable sign letters are about the gauge of a playing card and you can bend it from head to toe. Click here to view track spacing guide for Flat Letters. We manufacture the beautiful and versatile Jewelite, Zip-Change, Zip-Lite and Wagner Dimensional sign systems. The letters are screen printed with ecologically sound UV cured inks and there are no VOCs or harmful emissions throughout the manufacturing process. Otal Characters Selected Zip-Change marquee letters and Zip-Change marquee parts and accessories are normally shipped UPS Ground in 1-2 business days (Click here to see delivery time from the factory). Otal Characters Selected 8" Zip Letters on 9" Panels.57 each Select Color Stylemodern Black Letters Numbersmodern Black Letters, RED Numbers Fast easy! This will affect both your budget and the size of your sign. Pronto sign letters are non yellowing under normal conditions. There used to be a larger color selection of blue, green and brown but those colors have been discontinued because they were not popular. However, Pronto sign letters enclosed in a sealed vandal proof cover require venting or warping may occur because they are baked like in an oven.


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Best free software for vector graphics The Pronto letters are printed on blank sign panels. Please contact one of our distributors or customer service at to place an order. We can get a close match to several other brands but cannot guarantee an exact sign letter match.
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  1. Use the calculator to:  price out Zip-Change sign letters  complete your purchase online, changeable Letter Styles, zip-Change. Caluman:, our Brands: Wagner, gemini, clear track for Flat Letters, high-impact clear plastic sign track is for use with flat, rigid sign letters like Wagner Zip Change and Gemini Pronto letters (for letter sizes 4 and taller). We do not sell flex letters. The Pronto rigid sign letter track has a wide lip for its top track to hold the thick letter from falling out.
  2. How do I space Pronto letter track to build my own marquee sign? The material is a clear acrylic blank that is precision injection molded with UV inhibitors.
  3. Order Calculator - Letter Track - Letter Changer - Font Sets Help. Buy Pronto Letters Readerboard Tracking and Rivets. Keeping up your readerboard sign is easy.
  4. What sizes are available? Option, price 6 ft Top.60 6 ft Mutual.35 6 ft Bottom.95 8 ft Top.80 8 ft Mutual.80 8 ft Bottom.60. Pronto uses innovated techniques to make a better sign letter.
zip track letters


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