Attendance app for employees

attendance app for employees

more guessing as to when or why your employees are out. See with black and white clarity as to when employee attendance (and performance) start slacking. ClockIt is a time clock software that helps businesses manage employee time, attendance, vacation tracking, work hours, timesheet and employee attendance tracking via mobile, web, Slack, kiosk and biometrics. Starts at just 15/month for 10 users! Then Get Our Online. Our free 30 Day Trial Needs No And No Card. Virtual Timesheets, Scheduling Attendance, tracking. Ties Into Payroll And Has Lots Of Other Integrations. Time and, attendance, time and Labor Management Attendance App : GPS - Face Recognition Highly Accurate System, Sign Up Today. Try it Free Now! Make time tracking easy, convenient and accurate for employees and managers. Eliminate paper timesheets with digital time clocking and save employees up to 30 minutes per month 1; Save an average of 40 minutes per week per manager with automated alerts, timecard approvals, scheduling, exception reports and more 2; Improve. Getting rid of costy and clumsy attendance solutions like swipe card and fingerprint timeclock.
  • Costly installation will be history, clockgogo work spot (CWS) requires no cabling. Clockgogo provides an efficient way for employee to upload various proof documents for HR manage to approve and keep. Staff can only punch card within 10m distance from a registered Clockgogo work spot (CWS).
  • Clockgogo is a low cost attendance system with patented face recognition technology to perform clock in using mobile. EasyClocking is a manufacturer of the most advanced fingerprint, rfid, and biometric based employee time clocks, and time and attendance software solutions. Your employees can mark attendance on the employee portal itself without any hardware-based, time-tracking devices. To enforce the policy and prevent misuse, you can allow attendance to be marked only from a specific login IP address for each employee (for example, from within your office only).
  • Attendance, management System with GPS. An easy to use attendance app for your employees on the move like Sales Team, Logistics Team, Service Team, Project Team etc. Employees can record, attendance and movement on the. App gives the convenience to view Late Absent employees details anytime anywhere. Info-tech Time Attendance System is a cloud based software which captures employees time IN time OUT from our Biometric / Face readers / Mobile App real time and it calculates the useful information like Lateness, Overtime, allowances, etc.
  • Feature Spotlight, attendance Tracking Software for Small Businesses. Set geo-location rules and punch restrictions to ensure they only punch at work.

attendance app for employees
It's easy-to-use like a paper calendar, but backed by the benefits of software. Our servers accept data only via a secure and encrypted connection. With composition notebook planner years of experiences in time attendance management, a group of experts want to develop a low cost, easy-to-use, mobile and cloud-based solution for HR practitioners who need to manage roster/timesheet effectively. Copyright 2016 - Asiabase Technologies Limited. No more queue in front of time card machine.
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  1. EasyClocking, time Attendance - Employee Time Clocks
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  3. Real-time Attendance Tracking, whos in? Data encryption, all attendance data that is inputted through the Attendance Management Software attendance app for employees are secured with our top-notch Fort Knox security system.
  4. Roster with real-time attendance result is available at your fingertips. This makes it easy to refer back to when they ask how many hours they have left. Today teachers, instructors and managers need to access and enter their data wherever and whenever they want it or need.
  5. Tons of new staff, tons of document proof. If you have allowed all attendance data viewing for your team leaders or administrators, then they will be able to view all attendance data irrespective of whether they are using the Attendance Management  App or the Attendance Management Web Dashboard. Staff cannot just give their card to another colleague to help punch card. CWS allows up to hundreds of employee to punch card simultaneously without queuing up in front of the time card machine.
attendance app for employees

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