How to make a photo frame stand up

how to make a photo frame stand up

something additional to get it to run and pull the images. Origami Heart Photo Frame Step 10: Fold the paper over the diagonal creases again. Crease well and unfold. Feh is run directly from the terminal window, so you can test if it is working pretty easily. I wanted to reduce the thickness of the frame as much as possible so I decided to hide the Pi inside of the. Origami Heart Photo Frame Step 15: Fold the bottom tip, point Y, to point. A Raspberry Pi hidden inside the TV connects to the internet and automatically updates the pictures when the Flickr album is modified. Attach the Bottom Arm, apply wood glue to the back end of the Bottom Arm, align it with the mark on the Leg made in step. A piece of double-stick tape would work as well. You should be able to reduce the picture size automatically in your code before displaying it with feh, although off the top of my head I can't tell you how. From Kristi " My origami, what consists three photo frames and bird. In the feh documentation, you can see the options available for the image viewer. To run the slideshow, I used an image viewer called "feh". We've made a separate folding instruction page for. From Madison in Girard: From Mariah in Birchwood: From Kelli in Bridgeport " I made this frame to affix to a wedding card that I'm going to make for my brother and his fiancee. I have tried you code but keep getting an error on one line: url, filename I get the following errror: AttributeError: _dict_ I cannot figure this out except that my flickr API may be different than yours. Next, install an L-bracket on the inside of the joint to strengthen the assembly. This is because the heart will be formed on the lower half of the paper and we do not want to add unnecessary creases. Glue these in place with wood glue and clamps. Attachments, step 6: Edit the Crontab, i wanted the Raspberry Pi to periodically check the Flickr album for updates, so I edited the crontab (internal timing script) to run the main python script every minute. Origami Heart Photo Frame Step 5: Fold both the bottom right and left corners to meet in the center. Did you make this origami? If you add or remove pictures from the album, reconciliation business definition within a minute the slideshow should close and restart to include your changes.
how to make a photo frame stand up

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