What is schedule in spanish

what is schedule in spanish

He is talking about the bus' schedule. Por favor, preséntennos un what is schedule in spanish plan concreto de medidas y un calendario. Cabe señalar que a dichas decisiones se adjunta un calendario. Usually in this House we schedule priority debates for the morning. ( programme, timetable) meeting programar fijar, tV programmes programar trains, planes programar el horario de the meeting is scheduled for seven oclock or to begin at seven oclock la reuni?n est? programada or fijada para las siete the. No reside en la posibilidad de que la Constitución llegue con dos años de retraso. Cuál es la razón de que llevemos de retraso dos informes completos con respecto a nuestro horario? Indeed, we are almost ahead of schedule! EnglishWe are pleased that the European Union is still on schedule concerning enlargement. Los planes de how do you calculate fuel consumption desarrollo están muy retrasados. English- probably leads to an increase in the number of children who have their immunization schedule up to date; more_vert Sin embargo, se conoce poco acerca de la efectividad de las intervenciones de TSL. All that was necessary was to schedule this debate for a later time. 1 (timetable) of work, visits, events programa (m calendario (m of trains, buses horario (m (TV) (Rad) (often pl) programaci?n (f) a busy/punishing schedule un programa or calendario apretado/agotador; una agenda apretada/agotadora; we are working to a very tight. EnglishThe repercussions of the schedule for advance resignation now await you. According to the schedule, the Council was to have 30 minutes'speaking time. We are already well behind schedule : it is time to act and to restructure these sectors. No schedule for passenger rail transport has been established. EnglishThe payment appropriations are already ECU 23 bn behind schedule. View entire travel blog.
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  • He has been forced to adjust his schedule. Schedule, find more words! Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words containing letters Pronounce Find conjugations Find names.
  • Spanish Word for schedule. Your schedule is from four in the afternoon until midnight. Bill is the shift manager. Su horario es de cuatro de la tarde a la medianoche.
  • What is schedule in spanish

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Ya sabemos lo ocupado what is schedule in spanish que está. I should like to keep on schedule. En él, está previsto que el Consejo tuviese un turno de palabra de 30 minutos. EnglishThe negotiations on the energy chapter are also behind schedule.

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