Christmas powerpoint for kids

christmas powerpoint for kids

and colours work well for this game. However, the rest of the class must listen carefully to spot any grammar mistakes during this time. Then divide the class into two groups and tell them to ask you as many closed questions as they can. The first team to say the correct word gets a point. Body Parts PowerPoint - arm, face, feet, leg, and nose. B, bingo, bingo can be used with any vocabulary point. N No, Yes, Maybe and I dont Know The rules are simple. Yes one point and No two points. If the cards are the same, they keep them. D, dancing with Ostriches, have two teams and select two students. Q Question Jenga To play this game you will need Jenga. Have all the students write five questions each and then ask this student as many questions as possible before they say one of the above words. Then get the first student on your left to begin reading and continue in a clockwise fashion. If they answer the question correctly the team receives the total amount of points for that question.

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For example: W for window. If he wins, the other student has to take two pieces from the Jenga christmas powerpoint for kids tower, but if he loses the Paper, scissors, rocks' battle he will have to take two pieces. C, charades, divide the class into two teams. For example: Do you like candy? . F, flashcard whispers, similar to Chinese whispers. Then have the students write body part vocabulary words on this paper. Free Powerpoint Games For ESL Teaching. You can put any vocabulary word in each of these squares. The first pair to finish and correctly stick the body parts in the right place win the game. This should take twenty seconds! O On my body Put students into pairs and provide them with one or two sheets of A4 paper. Family PowerPoint - Brother, mother, sister, grandfather.


We Wish You A Merry Christmas Christmas Carols Christmas Songs For Kids.

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The age of interactive whiteboards and overhead projectors are here to stay. Christmas is around the corner and it is usually around this time that most teachers are looking for some quality materials to teach their kids. ESL Board Games Communicative Exercises for Kids, classes Download ESL kids worksheets below, designed to teach spelling, phonics, vocabulary and reading. This scenario can happen several times in a minute, thus allowing a number of students to talk within in a one minute period. It generally works better with actions, prepositions of place and relia (real things in the class). ESL Classroom Fun Games: They simply rock! If the question is correct that student save the date dimensions wins the flashcard. Very powerful it is too.

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